EnergyTrends: How to make progress on the existing energy model

This new wave of innovation has created an ecosystem where talent is everywhere. Companies find it difficult to have all necessary capabilities in-company and open innovation models become essential. In this context, corporate venture capital firms emerge on the map as significant players. They allow established companies attract talent and new technologies, offering start-ups in which they invest access to infrastructure, customer portfolios and expertise within would otherwise not be within reach. This is a collaborative model from which both companies obtain benefit.

In Energy Trends, everis discusses the investment strategy carried out by 111 of the largest companies in the energy sector (oil, gas and electricity) over the past decade, with the aim of contributing to the innovation ecosystem, real-life information to trigger discussion and help redefine the investment or open innovation strategy of the various ecosystem players. Our goal is to guide energy companies in the development of their energy model. We firmly believe we are at a crucial moment and we have all required elements at our disposal.  The technology is ready. We just have to start moving to advance the existing energy model.

In EnergyTrends we address issues such as:

Which companies lead energy investment at a global scale?

What business areas do energy companies invest in?

What role do start-ups play in investment activities?

What investment trends are we witnessing?

What are everis’s recommendations to make progress on the existing energy model?